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Cantonese Review 1: ✍ Basic Sentence Structure! ✍ Loads of those lingots for best attempt at task :D

Welcome to the first review lesson of Cantonese! I will post one of these every six lessons. Review lessons, are unsurprisingly, a test to see if you have understood the material covered. Unlike Exercises though, they are much more time-consuming, more in-depth and hence more sophisticated. Another key difference is that Reviews always have 'descriptions' (as you may call them) before any actual tasks.

We will start our Review journey by looking at basic sentence structures.

Every single proper sentence in Cantonese (for instance, NOT Eat! (infinitive)) has this format: |subject| + |verb| + (|object|) + (|some other clause|). I have put in brackets 'object' and 'clause', because they can occasionally be omitted. Intransitive verbs such as go and arrive never have a noun after them.

Now by 'clause' I mean anything other that pronouns (a subset of 'subject'), verbs and nouns (a subset of 'object'). For example, adverbs, prepositional clauses and for the sake of complete clarity, conjunctions.

Because I want you to show full understanding of the topics covered, I will not provide any example sentences or otherwise; please see the Cantonese Directory Page at the bottom of this post to be directed to other lessons.

You may use any infamous dictionaries and translators (yes, that means NO to Google Translate!) ONLY to search up conjunctions, verbs, nouns and adjectives where necessary. When you use them, please also remember them. This will be useful later on. Please do not cheat, as it will not help you to learn. I am not going to specifically give you websites; you are allowed a free range of those help tools.


So, without further ado, let's get into it!!


Imagine that you are in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, witnessing New Year celebrations! (Please Google the place if you are in any way unsure of the term.) You are by yourself, sitting on a public wooden chair, staring out into the sea and beyond...

a) i) Write down at least 4 adjectives to describe what it is like.

ii) Write down at least 3 adverbs to describe how you are feeling, and how often you visited there (you can make it up if you want :).

iii) Write down at least 5 verbs to say what actually happens.

iv) Finally, write down at least 10 nouns to describe what you see.

b) Now, the BIG PART! Using the characters you wrote down above, write a short paragraph describing your experience there!


*Further note that in order not to cause bias, this time I will not give out individual feedback until I feel that time has run out for anyone else to participate in this. Thanks!

Cantonese Directory Page

January 31, 2017


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