An Klondike - Séasúr a Dó

TG4 be start 2nd season of An Klondike this week.

If you haven't seen the first season yet, you still have a week or so to catch the first episode on

This is a drama about 3 Irish speaking brothers in the Klondike goldrush (1896). It's a bi-lingual program, with much dialog in English (actually it's multi-lingual - some of the Native American characters speak in their own language too) and English subtitles.

There were some threads about it last year - they should show up in the "Related Discussions links on the right.

2 years ago

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I was really excited for this! But it looks like the website is down :(

2 years ago
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It must have been a very short outage - it's a very reliable website.

2 years ago
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