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  5. "He does how she wants."

"He does how she wants."

Translation:El face așa cum vrea ea.

January 31, 2017



Is ”El face ca ea vrea” inadequate?


Yes. That would mean "because she wants"


He does how he wants doesn't make sense in English. Is this he does it like she wants it? Or he does what she wants? Or he does whatever she want? I got the wrong answer last time so I'll try to work out what you mean from the Romanian


The first case, because of "cum"


In that case, we'd need an object in English (What does he do?). And even then it wouldn't sound natural. What we'd say is "He does it the way she wants" or something of the sort. One problem with these literal translations is it makes it hard for us to understand what the Romanian sentence actually means, my first reaction being that it was "He does what she wants". Especially as many foreigners want to use "how" in this latter context. :)


Completely agree. The Romanian sentence makes perfect sense but it is proposed as a translation of an incorrect English one : -(


No. Of course you can have "ea vrea (să facă asta)" but "cum vrea" has to be together, any indication on the person has to be afterwards or before. So "cum vrea ea" "cum vrea profesorul" "ea cum vrea?"

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