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  5. "Θυμήθηκα την απάντηση."

"Θυμήθηκα την απάντηση."

Translation:I remembered the answer.

February 1, 2017



Wrote "I forgot the answer" and got this wrong. Just savoring the irony.


Why is "her answer" incorrect in this sentence?


    Την is the feminine article in the accusative. The possessive her is της. Check the Tips and notes section under the lessons (available only on the desktop website, not app or mobile website).
    Remember that you cannot use the possessive without an article, therefore her answer = η απάντησή της.

    (I've seen that there is a hint for 'her' but cannot see how it could be correct. I may be missing something of course, so the team will review this.)

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    Την can mean "her" when in a sentence like "Την αγαπώ=I love her", but not the possessive "her", but the pronoun "her".


      Thanks! I got really stuck with this one as I could only think of the possessive.


      It seems to work like this: Θυμάμαι = I remember (passive voice) becomes θέλω να το θυμηθώ (I want to remember it), which then forms the past simple by changing (like βρίσκω) to θυμήθηκα (I remembered). Very complicated! Is there a pattern or rule as to when one needs to change from passive to active voice?


        Not all verbs have both an active and a passive voice... And passive voice in Greek works differently from the way it does in English: some verbs indicate and action but are in passive voice, eg ονειρεύομαι (to dream).

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