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  5. "Did they go to a castle?"

"Did they go to a castle?"

Translation:Sind sie zu einem Schloss gegangen?

February 20, 2013



need some help here: In another sentence, "Sind sie in ein Schloß gegangen?" the Duolingo translation was "Have you gone into a castle?" .... but when I wrote "Sind sie zu ein Schloß gegangen?" as the (my) German translation for Duolingo's English sentence "Did they go to a castle?", my answer was marked wrong because, DL said, I should have written "einem", using the dative case for the neuter noun. I'm not arguing with the correction.....just asking if someone can explain to me how the two sentences are different. Thanks.


'zu' is a dative preposition. 'in' can take both dative and accusative.http://german.about.com/library/blcase_dat2.htm


Aaahhh ..... thank you.


As far as I know "zu" always takes dative when it's used as a preposition (and not as a qualifier, e.g. zu Groß / too big)

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