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The texts to translate

I have two general questions about the text that you translate

1 How are they chosen and who is choosing them?

  1. As far as I can see there are only text in the language you are studying. E.g. if you study German there is only texts in German that you are supposed to translate to English. Wouldn't it make sense to also practice the other way around and have people translate e.g. English wiki articles into German?
February 20, 2013



Once I came across an absolutely identical text already translated on Wiki. I'm not sure what the point of our translations would be other than practice...


The point would be the same as the translations from German to English... It would make the page translated into both languages... I mean there are pages written in other languages that aren't available in English. Anyhow that wasn't the question I was most interested in. Anyone has any knowledge about the selection procedure for the texts?

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