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Non-Native Speakers: Easiest/Hardest English Accent to Understand?

Hope no one minds me me asking, however can't help but be curious and intrigued with interest.

As the title suggests, to all the non-native English speakers out there reading this, what English accent is the hardest or easiest to understand? Or, is there a difference at all and it's all good for the most part?

As we all know, there are is a large variety out there:

British English, Scottish, Irish, Canadian, American, Australian, New Zealand, Caribbean Basin/West Indies.

Along with their respective different regional accents in each country/locale.

Then of course you have countries and areas where non-native English speaking countries have prominent English Speakers, such as India, Germany, Netherlands and so forth.

(Clearly missing many places, but you get my gist!)

Thank you for taking the time to answer in advance.


On a side note, if you like, Native English Speakers can mention too what is hard/easy to understand among other English Speakers - honestly just as neat to know.

1 year ago