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Duolingo: Audio practice

I'm learning Spanish, but I figure this would apply to all learners of all languages.

I see my reading comprehension is improving wonderfully, but my listening skill is still fairly weak. I've tried doing the lessons with my eyes closed, and it seems to be helping, however, there's a few questions that require visual input to answer correctly:

(1) pick 1 of 3 pictures, (2) drop down lists, (3) translate English to Spanish, (4) "type what you hear" (no translation at all)

For #2.....just get rid of them. (Switching from keyboard to mouse and back is a pain, anyway.)

For #3....I've worked on the reverse tree, so I know the English audio is available. Seems silly not to read them aloud, as well.

For #4: If there were an audio clue: e.g. say "Escribe la frase, 'El perro.' instead of just "El perro..." Alternatively, #4 could allow either English or Spanish as the solution. (i.e. Don't consider "The dog" incorrect.)

An entirely different solution would be to include in "settings" the types of questions that appear while studying. If there's any particular type a person dislikes, they could de-select it.

1 year ago


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Anyways you keep on listening to a TTS rather than to a human voice, thats what will really help you improve your listening skills.So I suggest you start listening to easy podcats in Spanish. http://www.fluentu.com/spanish/blog/spanish-podcasts/

1 year ago


Thanks. I'll check that out.

More variety is definitely helpful. Just thought I'd suggest some easy changes to DuoLingo that could improve it.

1 year ago