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Number of Comments in Discussion

Hi! I enjoy using DuoLingo discussion very much and writing the occasional comment. Earlier, when I was on this comment, the number of comments said "3" before I answered the question, even though there were no answers. After answering, the number changed to "4". What's wrong with my discussion? Thanks in advance! :)

March 3, 2014



There are 3 deleted comments. Your comment is not deleted. :)

PS I'm not sure why the other comments were deleted unless the users deleted those themselves.


Oh! Thank you so much!


Since the forums were updated a few months ago there is a bug by which you delete any replies to your post when you delete your own post. However, in the counting only the removal of your post is considered, not the number of replies that you made disappear together with you post.

So probably there was top level post with 3 replies, i.e. the total count was once 4. Then the top poster deleted their post and with it the three replies. However, the counter subtracted only the one top post actively deleted by the top poster. So now the counter is stuck on 3 more posts than are actually visible.

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