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So what are the plans? When is it coming out of beta?

February 1, 2017



It comes out of beta when all the bugs are fixed and responses have been taken in from the user's feedback. There is no time limit for when a course comes in and out of BETA.


Ok - so do we know when all the bugs will be fixed and feedback collected. How long did it take for other languages, for example?

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I don't think the average time it took other languages to come out of beta can be of any indication. Every tree has its own issues and the nature of the language (like flexible syntax) can cause delays.

If I recall correctly, apart from corrections from contributors, it's hitting the mark in (the number of reports filed)/(set period of time) that signals a course is ready to come out of beta. Considering the Greek course was just released for iOS and Android and will undoubtedly attract more users, I'd say hitting that target just moved a bit further away.

Edit: To clarify, I'm a moderator, not a contributor, so I have no inside information on the matter. :)


I'm unsure Phil, a course contributor would have to comment for that answer.


As has been explained here when a course comes out of Beta is not in the hands of the team. Duo has been unable to obtain data on course responses since there is no access to the comments section and we assume it will need to wait until that problem is resolved. We are also looking forward to its release but of course want to be sure all the bugs are worked out first.

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