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A small improvement of the upvote/downvote mechanism

A few times when I wanted to reply to a comment, I upvoted or downvoted the comment by mistake. The problem was, I couldn't undo the vote. Once I had upvoted a comment, clicking on the downvote arrow downvoted it. I could never get the vote back to neutral.

So Duolingo might consider the following change: If a user has upvoted a comment, clicking on the downvote arrow removes the upvote. Clicking once more on the downvote arrow will downvote the comment. Vice versa with downvotes.

March 3, 2014



Hi hckoenig, if you want to undo an up vote, just click up vote a second time and it will clear it. The same for down votes. ^_^


Hi Usagiboy, I never guessed that it might make sense to click the upvote arrow twice in order to remove the upvote. It's a bit counterintuitive. Anyway, my problem is solved. Thanks!

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