"Fructele sunt pe masă."

Translation:The fruits are on the table.

February 1, 2017

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This sounds very strange as a nativr english speaker. I would say "the fruit is on the table" or "the fruits are on the table"


"the fruit is on table" is correct usage as fruit is both singular and plural


You can't say "The fruit are on the table". It sounds very wrong.


Almost. "Fruit" has uncountable (mass) noun and countable noun senses. To be plural would mean you can say "two fruit", which is not grammatical. The uncountable sense is used for single or multiple items of one kind of fruit, the countable sense is used when talking about multiple kinds of fruit. When enumerating the uncountable sense you must use another word to carry the plural such as "pieces of fruit".

Most native English speakers are not aware of the concept of mass nouns vs countable nouns unless they have taught English to speakers of other languages, or sometimes if they've studied foreign languages. People who speak English as a second language are more likely to know about this, depending on how they were taught. It's most common if their first language lacks plurality, as with many languages of East and Southeast Asia.

Here's a good article with answers specifically addressing the countable vs uncountable senses of "fruit".


Your link did not attach.


I have taught English and never came across the concept of uncountable nouns until now, not even when I was learning French or German. But it makes sense. I just want to say that the countable sense is not mandatory even when talking of several varieties of fruit in English.

If there is a bowl containing some grapes, bananas, oranges and apples on a table, I would still say "The fruit is on the table." not "the fruits are on the table," I expect it is a matter of whether one is perceiving the contents of the bowl as a single kind of thing "fruit" or wishes to emphasize the presence of several varieties of fruit.

One would say, for example "All the fruits are on the table." meaning every kind of fruit being gathered/prepared.


maybe "the table" is "masA" and masă is just "table" without "the"?


"Pe masă" means "on the table" in English. We Dutch say also "op tafel" and not "op de tafel". See it just as an expression: "pe masă".


This english sounds incorrect to me, an english speaker


I certainly found the use of the plural unusual. I would normally use the singular in English. ("The fruit is on the table.") Rather strange that we often use "fruit" in the singular but "vegetables" in the plural, but that's English for you.

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