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  5. "El rey perdió su poder."

"El rey perdió su poder."

Translation:The king lost his power.

March 3, 2014



Did he check underneath the sofa cushions?


aw come on people this comment gave me a little chuckle


Ambiguity between poder 'to be able' and 'power'? Do we just use context clues?


Hi dmp: one is a verb and one is a noun, so look to see whether "poder" is used as a subject or object in the sentence - then it is 'power'. If it used as the verb - then it is "able to" or "can" - however it will often be conjugated to match the subject (puede, puedes, podemos, etc)


What about the noun, "Ability?" Would that also be poder? Like, "The King lost his ability/abilities."


The verb poder always indicates the power to do something; so by extension, to be able. It is only when translated into English that it possibly becomes "able". The original word in Spanish remains poder (power). When someone says "Puedo ir" they are not thinking "I can go" or "I am able to go", the closest English translation is "I have the power to go". This is consistent then with the noun meaning of poder, which is also (and only) power. So what you are trying to argue is that the possible but limiting translation of the verb poder to "able" should also allow the meaning of the noun poder to map to the noun of "able", "ability". That is a bad habit to get into.

As for the noun "ability", there are several Spanish words that would be used if that was the intention of this phrase, although only habilidad is at all likely.


I think that might fly, but there's also "(la) abilidad."


You misspelled la habilidad. This is a common mistake since the /h/ is silent.


I tried ability and it was rejected. I guess poder, the.noun, is specifically 'power'


¡Viva la república!


Give the power to the people!


Scotty, I need more power!


beam me up scotty..............................................


... y su cabeza.


uno de los grandes problemas en ese pais es la corrupcion


Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself


"The king lost his ability" is also what i had written. And i cannot see why it would be unacceptable. Especially since we are never given context.


It sounds like "Trey".

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