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  5. "C'est ton nouveau pantalon ?"

"C'est ton nouveau pantalon ?"

Translation:Are these your new pants?

February 21, 2013



Why ton pantalon instead of tes pantalons as pants plural is the required answer.


Because English is silly and decides to act like a "pair of pants" is plural. French doesn't do that. "Pants" are a single item of clothing so they are "ton pantalon".


Thank you.

After a few more questions in which Duo always used the singular French form for the English plural when dealing with pants I inferred that it must be a French thing.

Thanks for confirming.


I confirm what Patlaf said earlier: un pantalon => pants and un jean => jeans


Thank you.

When I wrote it must be a French thing I meant to write that it must be a French/English thing.


I thought it said "un" instead of "ton." They should be more distinct

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Same here!


Agreed: the credited response sounds the same as "c'est un nouvel pantalon?"


trousers! "pants" = underwear unless your English est American!


Boy am I having trouble with this lesson! I have done it 20 times and can not get 3 hearts!!


whats wrong with "it's your new pants?"


"pants" being plural, you should use "are these" or "are they" or "they are",


But its pantalon not pantalons? And there is no differentiation between pants singular and pants plural, in english?


To me this is singular as they are talking about one pair of pants. If it was plural would it not be tes nouveaux pantalons?


I thought c'est was singular and ce sont was plural. So for "are these your new pants" shouldn't it read " ce sont ton nouveau pantalon" versus "c'est ton nouveau pantalon" The latter would be "is this your new pants"


Hi mdlander and RKSMT, in French, "pants" can be treated as a singular noun whereas in English, "pants" is always treated as a plural noun. We cannot literally translate "C'est ton nouveau pantalon?" as "Is this your new pants?" as it is grammatically incorrect in English. The correct translation is "Are these your new pants?"

Similarly, it is grammatically incorrect in French to translate "Are these your new pants" as "Ce sont ton nouveau pantalon?" because "Ce sont" suggests that you are referring to more than one thing and the correct translation should therefore be "Ce sont tes nouveaux pantalons?"

Have a nice day :)


Thanks! That makes the best sense of the "pants" problem. ;-)


Another way to look at this word: one pair of pants: "pantalon"; more than one pair of pants: "pantalons"


Why so much confusion...c'est is for this is or it is how come suddenly it stands for they are...


If you read the rest of the thread you will see that "pants" is always plural in English (they/these are), whereas it can be singular or plural in French.

  • they/these your new pants (working both for one pair or several pairs of pants) = c'est ton nouveau pantalon (one pair of pants) OR ce sont tes nouveaux pantalons (several pairs of pants)
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