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  5. "Five million and forty-four"

"Five million and forty-four"

Translation:Năm triệu không trăm bốn mươi bốn

February 1, 2017



Some explanations for this sentence would be nice. Why không trăm, but not không nghìn, and why isn't lẻ acceptable here?


In this post:


lẻ is acceptable, or should be..


Why bon at the end and not tu as I understood four goes from bon to tu from 14 onwards


I don't think that is correct. You can and I believe usually do use bốn rather than tư. In everyday speech in the South, I almost always hear people use bốn, except for days of the week.


this is just a never-ending debate, even among VNmese teachers. here's a link to a story in which a teacher marked "bảy mươi bốn" wrong in a 1st grade exam, which stirred a huge number of reactions in the social media platforms.

the 2nd link is from Phòng Giáo dục và Đào tạo Triệu Phong - Trường tiểu học Thị trấn Ái Tử (Trieu Phong's Department of Education and Development - Ai Tu Elementary School). it basically says that "bốn" should be used when the tens are either 0 or 1, while "tư" should be used the tens are higher or equal to 2. exceptions can be made for 24 and 44. this completely contradicts your statement.

as for me, I genuinely think both are correct when the tens are higher or equal to 2. but only "bốn" is correct when the tens are 0 or 1.

ps. I'm sorry to non VNmese speakers, links are all in VNmese.


Thanks. Language can be so funny and fascinatingly eccentric!
Two different words for 4 (but not for any of the other digits). Only one should be used for 4 and 14, the other should be used for 34, 54, 64, 74, 84 and 94. And both can be accepted for 24 and 44! It sounds like it is is a big debate, but still interesting to imagine the history of how such a unique practice developed... I see one of the other "wrong" answers is bảy bốn, for 74. I imagine this is incorrect in formal, written language, but in practice, I'm pretty sure people say this all the time (say numbers between 21 and 99 leaving out the "mươi").


But why no mention of the thousands if you are going to say there are no hundreds???


Is it mandatory to write "không trăm"? And if yes, is it only with "trăm"?


It is accepted without 'không trăm'.


yes it is. I made the changes myself a few months ago.


Ok, ty chị, it has to be another mistake of mine then...


Vietnamese is very different from English


Confusing this one... So you basically have to say "Five million, no hundreds, forty four"?


Why does nobody mention bốn mươi bốn should be bốn mươi tư? I could somewhat guess that không meant there was nothing, which is redundant but not surprising. But mixing that with something that goes against the whole explanation about 24 and above? Crazy


because "bốn mươi bốn" and "bốn mươi tư" are both correct.


When is it appropriate to write "không" inside of a number?


"Không trăm" in "Năm triệu không trăm bốn mươi bốn (5.000.044)" to let us know, it would follow 5 million with 0 (zero) until hundreds, so it would be 5 million 0 in hundred thousands, 0 in ten thousands, 0 in thousands, 0 in hundreds and then 44 at the end.

Please be careful, the meaning will be changed if we add "ngàn" (southern) or "nghìn" (northern) after "bốn mươi bốn".

"Năm triệu không trăm bốn mươi bốn ngàn" means 5.044.000


This one is confusing .


I do not know how to translate this case. It is "5,044,000" or "5,000,044". I think Duo is wrong in this translate


If number is "5.044.000" means " năm triệu không trăm bốn mươi bốn nghìn. Else if "5.000.044" means "năm triệu không nghìn không trăm bốn mươi bốn.


This is very confusing. I can understand if they want to indicate there are no hundreds but I think it should have 44 thousand in the translation. ???


The only notes I have for không is that it can mean zero. I got this answer correct only because the two other choices given were obviously incorrect. Is it normal to say zero hundred without any reference to zero thousand?


I just want to point out....in PROPER English we are not to use the word and as in this example. Proper English is as follows: Five million forty four. NOT five million and forty four.

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