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"Voi sunteți măgarii, noi suntem caii."

Translation:You are the donkeys, we are the horses.

February 1, 2017



It is important to remember that not all the phrases practiced here on Duolingo are meant for using verbatim, they are meant to practice word combinations and phrase structures so that one might construct their own instead of rote memorizing examples.


You never know - I'm sure there are furry conventions in Romania too...


I think it's a good idea to put random sentences together , it makes you think more


I still think it is utterly pointless to design ridiculous phrases like this, when more natural phrases can serve exactly the same purpose! For this example, change the words sunteți and suntem for aveți and avem and, all of a sudden, you have a perfectly sensible sentence that still teaches exactly the same structure of the definitive plural.


This course is made by volunteers. And it is really a hard work and strong commitment to do a "tree" like this. But hopefully, this course will improve in a short time. I have already noticed some changes in last few months/weeks.


When would anyone say this?


In a play, a game, a story, sports, or any Pixar movie -- use a little imagination.


@sunki: Actually never.... Calling someone "măgar" is a huge insult here around... But the phrases are for practice the language, as somebody already said, not to be learned mot-a-mot.


The only time I can think such a phrase would be used is when talking about athletic team mascots, or perhaps in a movie when animals 'talk'.


or at a Christmas pageant rehearsal. (I was wondering the same thing >.>)


You are donkeys we are horsea is wrong?


    Yes, the sentences has articles in both languages. For your sentence the Romanian translation is *Voi sunteți măgari, noi suntem cai." (Without articles)

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