Translating the Entire Webpage

Not only body text, but all elements of the page that have text should be included on the translation page. Take a look at how the sentences we translate correspond with the actual page..

All that we are translating is the body text, not the navigation links.. I feel that we may need to start translating the navigation links to each and every page, the widgets ("Me gusta" button), down to every last Spanish sentence on the whole page, not just the main article. A translated body text doesn't do anybody any good if they cannot navigate around the website to find it.

Here's the kind of layout I am talking about|en|

Translating these textual elements will only have to be done on one page for the identical phrase to translate on all the pages... e.g. "enlaces externos" or "referencias"

After all, Duolingo translates "the web".. Not just whatever happens to be in < body >..

June 20, 2012

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This is an interesting idea. They would need a way to give you context for where you are in the page for this to work. Some of the navigation elements might be difficult to translate if they are very specialized.

June 21, 2012
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