"Noi găsim o fată."

Translation:We find a girl.

February 1, 2017

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Hmm... "noi gătim o fată" ... only a small difference!


There's so many words in this language that look the same!


where? I am looking for one for ages...


Oh, just a comment. I often have problems with very similar words here. And the difference between "găsim” (we find) and ”gătim” (we cook) is just one letter. But a big difference in meaning.

Now image you are talking to someone and cannot remember which one it is... ”What did you do yesterday?” - ”We cooked a girl” :-D


For this particular one, there is an easy meme to remember, think about "a găti" - to cook (food), to make ready (the food or anything else), to finish (something, like to complete, but also to end, deplete, exhaust), in this order/association - then you immediately have "gata!" (I/we am/are done) which we use very often, and is the same as the very known Italian/Spanish/Portuguese (even borrowed in English and Polish?) "basta!" ("I am done", "finish it!" "it is finished!"etc., from the Latin "bastare", actually the same root where the word "bastard" came from...hehe :)


I agree with splittongue, that you can memorize it together with "gata" (ready). Also I can add as a Ukrainian native, that it sounds similar to hotowo, hotuwaty (h~g). Which mean, respectively, "ready", "to cook". So the verb we use for 'cook' is literally 'to make ready'.


Haha could almost mean the same sepend on the girl lol


I don't know about their etymology, Portuguese or Italian, but "¡basta!" and "bastar" in Spanish mean "enough!" and "to be enough".

It's true it can be said implying "finish it!" and "it is finished!", but that would be "¡acábalo!" and "¡acabado!" and not "¡basta!" :S. To say "I'm done" it's never "¡basta!" though (or at least I wouldn't say that to imply I finished something), it would be "¡acabé!" or "¡ya está!".

"¡Basta!" is usually said to someone else to make them stop something they're doing or saying.

Source: I'm a Spaniard.

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