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Real life translations: existing ones inaccurate?

Some of the real life translations I've seen from other people aren't as accurate as they could be, so when you are given the sentences to choose, I mostly end up simply pasting my translation into the one I choose as best. Anyone else like me out there? :) And is this what you should do?

February 21, 2013



Yes, and I have been told by Duolingo that my translation wasn't quite right, when the issue was using natural English to translate colloquial Italian. Also, some of the translations that currently get 100% are very stilted and strange in English--not really any better than other computerized translations. Does anyone else think this is true or fair to say?


Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm talking about :) I think many people just use Google Translate or something without really understanding the context of the sentence.

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I did find one article with a factual error that I corrected in my translation, but mine was not voted as the best translation, so the factual error showed up in the final duolingo version of the article.


That's what I find as well :)

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