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  5. "Η φωνή της είναι άριστη."

"Η φωνή της είναι άριστη."

Translation:Her voice is excellent.

February 1, 2017



Really? άριστη ≠ best?


Not used very often. Πολύ καλή is better

[deactivated user]

    In this context, would it be possible for "άριστη" to mean "beautiful", or is "beautiful" just "όμορφη"? Thanks for the help!


    Yes, that's the conclusion, technically, but, since there are two words with a distinct meaning here, there's no reason to mix them up ;)


    Can exquisite be used instead of excellent?


    Many words may convey a similar meaning, but all Duolingo courses try to keep things simple, especially for learning purposes. I'd say that exquisite better translates to θεσπέσιο. I personally mostly use it (not that often) when referring to delicious food. Adjectives can be a hard topic to cover, translation-wise, so it's always better to stick to 1-2 translations that are easier to memorize ;)


    In this case, the speaker's voice was definitely not αριστη

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