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Suggestion: New Discussion function

Hi, I accidently deleted the previous discussion so I will have to start a new and improved one. That's the previous discussion. The user: Samsta improved my idea and gave it a whole new look which I am so thankful for:) Thank you Duolingo team for creating such an awesome website. I have a little suggestion. I have always found it difficult to find how to insert a screenshot or how to make text bold. I suggest that when you want to post a discussion there could be a little note (question mark) at the bottom and when you click on it you could open a window and all the functions of the discussion would be there! Because when I go to FAQ there is no such a summary of things which actually work and it is written there that some may and may not work. But until this suggestion is not on the website yet and you want to know all the functions you can go here. My suggestion could look something like this: :) Who likes the idea, please upvote it, so that people from Duolingo would notice it :)

4 years ago