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"Tu lis un livre et je lis un journal."

Translation:You are reading a book and I am reading a newspaper.

February 21, 2013



The audio was very fast!! And all the words were mixing with one another. Is that common in actual French people talking?


A language like French traditionally flows. I've especially noticed it has a lot of contractions. While it might be hard for your untrained ears to understand, a fluent person can easily distinguish. It'll mostly take some practice before you start being able to tell the small nuances of the language apart.


That it's learn-able is very nice to hear. Thank you for your reply!


Why is un one book but un is a paper?


hmm.. LIS and LIT is the same? I am confused. lol


Just like "read" and "reads" are the same. It depends on who is doing the action. "I read" but "he reads". In French "je lis" "tu lis" "il/elle lit"


Oh I see this late... I've already learned how to notice the difference. Thank you so much! ^_^


use lit when writing and come upon a man or womam. ...hommes lit...


Wow that was very hard to understand by ear!


I know French uses elision but this was so fast I had no chance whatever. The tortoise rescued me again.

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