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  5. "Η κοπέλα έχει γίνει διάσημη."

"Η κοπέλα έχει γίνει διάσημη."

Translation:The girl has become famous.

February 1, 2017



Why isn't 'woman' acceptable here?


Well, "(grown) woman" is γυναίκα, but I translated κοπέλα as "young woman" and I agree that that translation should be acceptable. I reported it. (2/6/2017)


What about 'girlfriend'?

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No, you'd need a possessive pronoun, just like in English you wouldn't say 'The girlfriend has become famous'.


I can't claim to know the intricacies of Greek and how the possessive might change the meaning, but in English at least, "The girlfriend has become famous" is a perfectly grammatical sentence.

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Hmmm... I don't doubt that it is grammatically correct, but it does not seem to make much sense to me without the possessive. In Greek at least, unless it is someone's κοπέλα, it's only a young lady, not a girlfriend. Edit: And I just saw it in English, how it could work!


It is extremely frustrating to get something marked wrong without being able to see what the owl thinks is wrong. It is also a poor learning method.


We reiterate that we really can't do much about that other than report this to the ones in charge. Only screenshots can help us give you the reason your answer was rejected - or help us report a technical issue, in case there's one.

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