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"Quả chuối màu xanh cây."

Translation:The banana is green.

February 1, 2017



Where I'm from we use xanh có


How to use the word quả?


Quả is a classifier for fruit or small ball-like objects.


Why is it "có"? My parents were born in Việt Nam and they don't say "có". They say,"quả chuối mau xanh lá cây."


Because this is a sentence and it requires a verb to make it a sentence (in this case, the verb is 'có'). Quả chuối màu xanh lá cây is just a noun phrase, not a sentence, and its translation is 'The green banana'.

In daily speech, you can omit 'có', there is no problem in this case. But we are here to learn and practise, so that, your Vietnamese translation has to match with the English exercise's structure (sentence and sentence) and the noun phrase 'quả chuối màu xanh lá cây' is not accepted.

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