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Help with Danish pronouns?


I'm quite confused with all the words for "your/ yours/ mine" in danish... there just seem to be so many and i never know which to use.

If anyone can give some examples of the following words, how to use them and how they're different, i'd really appreciate it.


Din/dit- Dine- Dig- Min/mit- Mine- Mig- Jeres- I- Jer-

1 year ago



Oh, and there is no distinction in Danish between my and mine; your and yours etc.

1 year ago


So these are all pronouns. Personal pronouns and possessive pronouns.

The personal ones are the easiest to translate. there is one danish word for each English (except for 'you' which has multiple uses in English):

First when they are subject:

I - Jeg

You - Du (You are late)

He/she - Han/Hun

We - Vi

You - I (You are both late)

They - De

And when they are object:

Me - mig

You - dig (I gave it to you)

Him/her - ham/hende

Us - Os

You - Jer (I gave it to you both)

Them - Dem

Then there are the possessive pronouns. Here there are different cases in Danish because they reflect the gender and number of the noun they refer to (in singular 1st and 2nd person). For instance:

My cat - Min kat; My house - mit hus; My houses - mine huse

So possessives are these:

My – min/mit/mine

Your – din/dit/dine

His/her – Hans/hendes

Our - vores

Your - jeres

Their - deres

1 year ago


Thanks a lot for that, it's really helped!

1 year ago