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Greek and Latin Morphemes for English Usage #4

Hello guys! Welcome to Week #4 for the Greek and Latin Morphemes! Every week for for the next several weeks, I am going to be posting a discussion on 20 Morphemes in Greek and Latin for your use in everyday life! You can make words out of them, tell them to friends, or do whatever you want (as long as it is reasonable:)

  1. Meta, Met, Meth - Among, After, Beyond, Completely, Differently

  2. Phreno, Phren, Phreni - Midriff, Mind, Mental Capacity

  3. -hepar, Hepat - Liver

  4. Phlebo, Phleps - Vein

  5. Hypno, Hypn - Sleep

  6. Lith, -lite - Stone

  7. Pyrrho - Flame-colored

  8. Ocul - Eye

  9. A, Ab, Abs - Both, Around, On both sides

  10. Contra, Contro - Against

  11. Diff, Di, Dis - Apart, In different directions, Not, Every

  12. Extra - Outside of

  13. Infra - Beneath, Below

  14. Inter, Intel - Between, Among

  15. Juxta - Near, Next

  16. Ob, O, Oc, Of, Op - Against, Toward, Every

  17. Per, Pel - Through, Badly, Very

  18. Preter - Past, Beyond

  19. Prod, Por, Pro - Before, Instead of

  20. Ambi, Amb - Both, Around, On both sides

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1 year ago