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Suggestion: To be able to review all the mistakes after the test

Hi, I would like to suggest a feature which I really miss. I have recently taken a test for a certificate and I was pretty sure I answered everything correcly but didn't get 5 out of 5. It would be a really nice thing to do if there was an option that after you complete the test you can review all the mistakes that you have made on the test. It could also be a nice thing if it showed you the correct answers. It would be a really useful feature and great learning improvement :) Who likes the idea, please upvote it, so that people from Duolingo would notice it :) It could look something like this:

4 years ago



The test, as I see it, is an evaluation tool, not a teaching tool. It is to show what you know, like the ACT, SAT, university oral and written exams. If people could take the taste over and over and just memorize the answers to the test, the test would instantly lose validity. If it the answers were made public, nearly anyone could get 5/5 after a few attempts, and getting 5/5 would no longer have relevance.

4 years ago


Use a notebook to write down the the right way, until your feature is implemented?

4 years ago