"Do you wear shoes?"

Translation:Tu porți pantofi?

February 2, 2017

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I wrote 'Purtați pantofi.' Is this wrong or should this be right?


"Do you wear shoes?" could be translated to Romanian as:
"(Tu) porți pantofi?", where "tu" is the second person singular
"(Voi) purtați pantofi?", where "voi" is the second person plural
"(Dumneavoastră) purtați pantofi?", where "dumneavoastră" is the (very) polite version of the second person, and the number (singular vs plural) is given by the context.
Also, make sure you put the question mark at the end of each question, as I noticed that Duolingo sometimes refuses the answer if the "?" is missing.


I wrote - porți tu pantomime? I thought this was also correct??


Why is "your shoes are ugly" pantofii vostri sunt urati, but "do you wear shoes?" Is tu porti pantofi?" Just one i? Theyre both "shoes"


Because in Romanian the grammatical subject uses the definite article. So the sentence "Your shoes are ugly" translates to "Pantofii voștri sunt urâți", with the subject pantofii in the definite form.

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