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Confused about Correlatives?

I recently bought a little kindle book on Amazon written by the Esperantist Sylvan Zaft. It's entitled "Mastering the Correlatives in Esperanto : Learning from examples" and is well worth the 99p I paid for it. Although short, it's packed with examples of how to use each of the 45 correlatives, which are organized and categorized by beginnings (-k, -t, -ĉ etc), and endings (-io, iam, etc).

Anyway, this post isn't intended as an advertisment for the book, but to provide a link to a summary of the mnemonics given therein for those who don't have access to Amazon (and even if you do get the book, it's handy to have them all in one place).

I found these mnemonics very helpful, and having remembered them, you'll be able to instantly identify the function of each correlative you encounter. You can download the two page PDF here:


1 year ago