"Reading is difficult."

Translation:Το να διαβάζεις είναι δύσκολο.

February 2, 2017



Να διαβάζεις είναι δύσκολο <- is this correct as well?

And in the translation above, why is there το in το να διαβάζεις? And why are you using the second singular form?

February 2, 2017


"Να διαβάζεις είναι σύσκολο" is wrong because the set construction for the Greek gerund is "το να + verb"; the "το" is necessary.

The verb form corresponds to the person that it is talking about (e.g. το να διαβάζουν δεν τους αρέσει = they don't like reading) but when making a general statement without a subject we tend to use the second person singular.

For a comprehensive and detailed explanation see the notes for this lesson: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/el/Verbs%3A-Gerund/tips-and-notes

August 17, 2018


As Ibogi asks - why second person singular? Why is ´διαβάζω' wrong?

July 17, 2018


And what about το διάβασμα είναι δύσκολο, would that be correct also?

July 15, 2018


Yes, and it is said more often. However, this lesson focuses on gerunds so it wants you to use the construction "το να + verb" instead of the noun.

August 17, 2018
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