"Do they give the food?"

Translation:Donnent-ils la nourriture ?

February 21, 2013

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The previous exercise was written like that: "Donnent-ils de la nourriture?" And I've answered: "Do they give food?". Well, the program has accepted it as right. The following exercise was written in English: "Do they give food?" and I checked the box "Donnent-ils de la nourriture?" The program didin't accept my answer as correct and itself-checked the other two options without "de" before la. Which one is correct?


this is what I'm wondering as well. Mine was a translation, not multiple choice, and I doubt I would have typed "de" had I not seen it used in the exact same sentence earlier in the lesson.


All I know is that when you are speaking of something in general, you must use "de la" or "des" before the noun, and it can be translated as "some + noun" or "noun (in general)".


De la nourriture= (some) food, or just food, "De la" is feminine, "de" is maculine, "des" if plural mas. & fem. It means "some" or "any". Nourriture is a feminine word so you must use "de la". This question however, asked for THE food. So it must be the feminine for "the" : "La nouritture"


There was another option you didn't tick : 'Donnait-elles la nourriture?' Thats why you got the answer wrong. Ask me questions if you don't understand. Thanks.


"Donnait-elles la nourriture..." is in the Imperfect Past tense. It does not translate to "Do they give food?" but "Were they giving (the) food?"


"Donnent-ils de la nourriture" must be accepted. The previous question was asking to translate the same sentence.


Most of us typed donnent-ils de la nourriture. If duolinguo is silent that means is it correct?


How come "Offrent-elles la nourriture?" wouldn't work. Aren't they close enough to one another?


i was thinking its "Offrent-elles la nourriture?" as well, but when i hit submit i saw its actully "Offrent-ELLE la nourriture?" so if its Elle its not correct


I agree, Anita Brito. There is nothing to say the gender of the people giving the food, so there is no indication that 'donnent-elles' is the right answer.


Since when 'le repas' and 'les aliments' both translate as 'food'? How come it wants me to translate' do they give the food' and then Le repas is wrong, saying it is supposed to be 'les aliments'? I' m working on much more cognitive functions in this lesson, it seems


I can't help with the "les aliments" portion of your question but "le repas" is "the meal" and not "the food".


Why not: 'Offrent-ils la nourriture?'


"Do they give the food?" is definitely not correct English. Do they give the food what? A medal?


still, anyone got an answer for the translations of "Donnent-ils la nourriture ?" or "Donnent-ils de la nourriture ?", they both are translated the same in English

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