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  5. "לא בלי נעליים!"

"לא בלי נעליים!"

Translation:Not without shoes!

February 2, 2017



Seriously bro, you can't play basket without shoes


In this sentence, "לא בלי נעליים! " how do you tell the difference between "No, without shoes!" and "Not without shoes!" I wrote "No, without shoes!" and was marked wrong. They said "Not without shoes!" was the right one, can someone help me understand please?


Only by intonation and punctuation. "no, without shoes!" is the sentence youl'd tell a chile that about to bunch on the sofa, unlike the "not without shoes!" that you'd tell a child that about to run barefoot to the street. there are of course alternative wayד to formulate bothsentences, but even though it will have the same meaning, it won't be an accurate translation of these sentences.


Hello, Thanks for answering! So am I understanding correctly? This sentence (formulated the exact same way) can mean both, "no, without shoes!" and "not without shoes!", depending on intonation?


Thank you, thank you!


Lo bli na’alayim!


When do we say בלתי vs. בלי עפשרים , or is it always only one of the two ?


you know, no shoes no service

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