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  5. "We have food and water."

"We have food and water."

Translation:Έχουμε τροφή και νερό.

February 2, 2017



Can someone explain when to use τροφή φαΐ or φαγητό


In general, φαΐ and φαγητό are interchangeable and have the element of cooking to them, while τροφή does not, and also has the meaning of nourishment.

You can also check out the comments in this discussion here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17529988


I tried it with εμείς at the beginning of the sentence, and it was marked wrong. Usually, i answer it simply έχουμε φαγιτό και νερό, which is marked correct. Shouldn't an added εμείς be acceptable?


I said 'Εμείς έχουμε φαγητό και νερό,' and it was correct.


Φαγητό is more commonly used in casual speech than τροφή. But τροφή is still a very acceptable answer for food.

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Not in all contexts. You wouldn't ask your partner "Τι τροφή να φάμε σήμερα;" Τροφή and φαγητό are not interchangeable as Dimitra explained in her comment.

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