"Ea urcă pe creanga cea mai înaltă a copacului."

Translation:She climbs on the highest branch of the tree.

February 2, 2017

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[deactivated user]

    Why Duo is not accepting she climbs on the tree's highest branch? I am using the possessive correctly.


    I got this wrong with "she climbs up on the highest branch of the tree". I'm trying to figure out 'pe' here. Is she climbing onto the branch, or along the branch? 'on' feels ambiguous.


    It could mean both! We use pe for both cases:

    • urc pe clădire (I climb on top of the building)
    • urc pe scară (I climb up/on the ladder)

    Here however, as the branch is horizontal, it probably means onto the branch instead of along of it.


    What is wrong with "she climbs ONTO the highest branch on the tree?"


    I typed the correct answer and it's still showing as wrong


    Se urca is correct here?

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