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  5. "Nagyékhoz mész?"

"Nagyékhoz mész?"

Translation:Are you going to the Nagy family?

February 2, 2017



"to the Nagyes'" or "to the Nagyes' place" are far more idiomatic in English than "to the Nagy family"


As a native English speaker, it's weirding me out that "the plural of Nagy is Nagyes" is 1) something I couldn't figure out, after a good 20 seconds of thinking, and 2) so clearly correct now that I've seen it.

Why this was so hard:
- The "gy" sound doesn't exist in English
- We'd probably pronounce the name with a "j" sound, but...
- ...nothing in English ever ends with a "j"! How do you pluralize a "-j" word?
- On the other hand, we have "-ge" words ending in that sound: cage → cages
- But then I just add -s? Nagys? Definitely wrong.
- ohhhh cages = cage + -es (like foxes), we just don't write the double "e"! [mindblown.gif]


It would be 'the Nagy's place' in English.


No, thats incorrect English. The family name has to be possessive plural in English. The Wilsons' places, the Joneses' place, the Smiths' place. If you use the anglicized pronunciation of Nagy as Négi, then you'd spell the spell the possessive plural as Nagys'. If you pronounce it more or less in Hungarian, you'd spell it Nagyes', like the Hatches' or the Bushes'.

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