"Eu o fac pâine."

Translation:I will make bread.

February 2, 2017



what's the meaning of "o" in this sentence?

February 2, 2017


There are ways to form the future tense in Romanian (all of which are grammatically equal)

  1. Eu voi, tu vei, el/ea va, noi vom, voi veți, ele/ei vor +the infinitive (without „a„)

  2. o+present subjunctive form

  3. present tense of a avea (eu am, etc.) + present subjunctive form

This sentence falls into the second category

May 24, 2017


Are there any rules that apply to know when to use which of these 3 forms?

February 14, 2018


Any of the three can be used, it's a matter of style

July 28, 2018


It's part of the verb "o sa fac" which means "I am going to make/I will make". "O sa" basically translates to "will" in this case.

April 11, 2017
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