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Help build Duolingo’s new Japanese course!

Duolingo is now working on a free Japanese course for English speakers and we’d like to invite you to join us :)

We know that thousands have been eagerly anticipating this course, but we can’t do it alone. We need passionate bilingual volunteers who are willing to collaborate to create course content together.

If you are fluent in both English and Japanese and have a few hours a week to contribute to this cause, please [apply] (https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply).

The team here will also be reading existing applications, so if you haven’t heard back yet, don’t worry. There will be several opportunities to help build and test this course in the coming weeks.

We are excited to share the news and can’t wait to meet you!

February 2, 2017



Finally, this time has come!? 5/15が楽しみだー!


In that limbo between where the course would be useful and fluency, however good luck to all applicants and future students! Didn't believe it would actually happen but I have faith you guys will make it work.




thanks helifreak! could you please tell me what resources did you use to achieve you current level?


I learnt kanji through Kanji Damage, grammar through Tae Kim's excellent guide to grammar, and vocabulary was mostly picked up by reading things I was interested and looking up things I didn't know.


thank you sir! I'll make sure I take a look at these.


What's your definition of fluent? My Japanese is fairly decent (I went to a public prefectural high school in Japan, where the language of instruction was Japanese, and passed JLPT1 years ago), and I've been living in Japan since 2006, but I would not define myself as bilingual, since I was not raised in Japan nor by Japanese-speaking parents, and my English is definitely superior. But if my credentials are good enough for you, I am happy to help.

Edit: Thanks for the lingot, kind person who gave it to me! Hopefully the Japanese course team will give me an opportunity to actually EARN it. ;)


Sounds like you would be a great addition to the team https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ja/en/status

That's the site where you can apply to contribute, please join the team ^o^


OK, I'll give it a go.

My chief concern is that I don't have an instinctive sense of when a Japanese expression sounds unnatural, or at least not to the extent a native speaker does.


I'm in a similar boat - not a native speaker but I used to teach at a university, studied in Japan, and have JLPTN1 but I was rejected to the team back in November. Did I just apply before the course was actually ready for team members....?


I would try to apply again then xo It is strange that some very good people were being rejected. It is most likely that it was because the course wasn't ready for members yet I think.

Would be fun if you could help with the progress as it would improve the speed of completion by a good amount ^_^


I applied a few weeks ago, but received no response. Do you suppose that means my application was rejected?


Hard to say (or at least I don't have a clue) but since the demand for Japanese borders on the insane, I would be lenient with time expectations.


Well, I'm not applying to study. ;)

It's no loss to me, frankly. Perhaps they simply don't require any more contributors.

Or perhaps the concern I outlined above (about being nonnative) is one of theirs as well.


I understood your situation, I meant they likely have a lot of applications to read. Also, they're going to be busy with their beta target date (15th).


yayayayayayyayayayya so happy!! japanese was the first reason i came on duolingo!

[deactivated user]


    I can't wait for this! ^_^


    yay i wanna learn japnese


    I would love to learn Japanese!!!! I think it would be another good language to learn.


    If duolingo can build a japanese course,duolingo should also build a chinese course for english speakers because people in the world are starting to learn chinese,then why not start now?


    I agree with you, I am looking forward to a course to learn Chinese. First priority is still Japanese though for me xp


    Heh, I would love to, however... while I think I'm fairly fluent in English, I'm only N3 Japanese (probably a bit out of practice as well), and I don't know if would have the time since I'm studying full time+ ><


    I'd love to. Thanks for the opportunity!


    yay I'm so happy! cant wait to try it, thank you duolingo


    ¡Me encantaría ayudar!

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