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Offline Lessons

Please make lessons downloadable. I have yet to be able to finish a "downloaded" lesson before the app tries to connect to the internet. I almost exclusively use this app on the subway in nyc so it is almost unusable to me. It would be great if you ciuld predownload a few lessons at a time if even for just 24 hours and please have some sort of confirmation that it is available offline.

February 2, 2017




Duolingo actually has an offline version, but it works for only an hour. (You have to start learning the lesson while on wifi) Also, I have been to New York a couple of times, and I have noticed that many stations have Wifi (although this may just be in Manhattan and some larger stations in Queens, Brooklyn, etc.) What you could do is: 1. Connect to the Wifi at the station. 2. Start the lesson while you are on Wifi. 3. When the train is moving from station to station, you will most likely lose the connection, but you will still be able to continue with that lesson and maybe even the next one. 4. At the next station, the Wifi should be back again and it will register your progress.

Hope this helps!

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As you explain, you need to load the lesson, i.e. start it, and then you can do it offline. Then you need to reconnect to the internet though if you want your progress to be marked.
mpdiaz86, you could try loading more than one lessons when you are online, no need to complete them, then just do them offline. It used to work just fine for up to 4 lessons at a time if I recall correctly.


The iOS app works fine (for about 4 lessons as mentioned) in airplane mode. I think it even logs time stamps so if for whatever reason you care about having correct times of things right in your activity feed, even that is rectified when you reconnect.

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