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My audio doesn't work only on this website

I've tried everything and its really frustrating. I can get sound when I use duo lingo on my eye phone ap.

February 21, 2013



I have the same problem. Audio works on other programs like iTunes and will also work on YouTube from the same browser.. but not here. :( Any suggestions?


I am also experiencing the same problem...Works everywhere but Duolingo. Using Firefox Win7


Same for me. I am using IE and Chrome. Nothing at all, not a single bip.


Please go to this diagnostic page and tell me what error you get: http://duolingo.com/sm2_diagnostics/sm2-troubleshooting-tool.html


SM2 SWF V2.97a.20130101 (AS2/Flash 8) ExternalInterface available Adding ExternalInterface callbacks... Testing Flash -> JS... Flash -> JS OK Waiting for JS -> Flash... JS -> Flash OK Enabling polling, 50 ms interval


the same problem. other sites it's ok. tablet android ok. but not here! test SoundManager 2 start-up OKFlash version 11.6.r602 version 11.7.r700 OKFlash SWF OKFlash -> JS (Check flash security or flash blockers) OKJS -> Flash OKSound test

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