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Completing The Spanish Tree!

After half a year on Duolingo, I finally finished my Spanish tree. I am half way through my German tree and I hope you finish your tree too. After hard work I achieved one of my goals and I hope you set a goal to finish your tree. After finishing it you feel more free and proud of yourself. It is one of the best feelings I have had. Share this moment with me and finish your language tree.

February 3, 2017



That's wonderful! Seeing someone else finish their tree is huge motivation for me! One day, I hope to finish my tree as well. It's been a long journey (two years!) but at least I have a really thorough understanding of the language. Anyway, great job - that is such an achievement!


Thanks. I hope you finish your tree and I hope that you stay motivated all the time. We all need a purpose in life to live and mine is to learn another language and get fluent in Spanish. This is what is making me move on.


Here's your fireworks for your achievement!


great job I hope I finish my tree one day as it is I'm not even close to finishing spanish great job!!!


I hope you finish it, even if it takes a long time, you will at least have achieved a great thing. Good luck.


Congratulations! :-)

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