"They are between us."

Translation:Αυτοί είναι ανάμεσα μας.

February 3, 2017

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LOL. Duo said i wrote "Αυτοί είναι ανάμεσά μας" with a typo and suggested "Αυτοί είναι μεταξύ μας". Ι βelieve this is a bug, but here comes the question - are μεταξύ and ανάμεςα interchangeable?


Is the double accent mandatory or optional in this case - αυτοί είναι ανάνεσά μας? - since I don't think there could be ambiguity in meaning here. It's not like 'μας' here could be an indirect object can it?


It's not a matter of ambiguity, in any case (possesive or pronoun). The accent is there because in verbal speech, there is actually an accent. There is no ambiguity in "Το ποδήλατό μου" but the second accent mark is necessary, because that's how it is pronounced. ;)


How would we say "they are among us"?


The double accent is missing from the block; thus the Greek is incorrect.


We are aware of the double accent issues, there won't be such problems in the second tree.

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