"Wo hast du diese Liste gefunden?"

Translation:Where did you find this list?

March 3, 2014



Why does it matter if it is "that" or "this" list

March 3, 2014


It should not matter.

March 3, 2014


I agree!

June 27, 2014


Use "this" for one object (singular) which is here (near to us).

Example: This is a book in my hand.

Use "that" for one object (singular) which is there.

Example: That is his car over there.

the plural of ยด'this' is 'these' and the lural of 'that' is 'those'

November 8, 2014


Not sure if everybody here is learning German from English. In that direction, "diese" is the English close at hand, this, whereas "die" (in this case of gender) or "jene" are "that," recalling from German classes in high school....

November 23, 2014


One could say, 'where have you found that list'

October 27, 2017


I'm impressed by the difference in the use of this tense, since in English, "Where" means a detail specific enough to make this the simple present and NOT the present perfect. In German, the emphasis is slightly different I'm gathering....

November 23, 2014


I REALLY don't like that unclear male German voice. Sometimes he clips off words or blurs over them so badly even my German g.f. can't figure out what he's saying. And the slower speech button doesn't work for him ever.

Hans, geh Weg!

December 21, 2017


Same, it takes me a hard time to figure out what he's saying.

February 9, 2019


just turn the damn thing off

June 10, 2019


How do you know if "Diese Liste" is single or plural in this case?

July 27, 2019
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