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Unable to see the Duolingo's Level-Ups on Facebook

Dear Duolingo & learners, Every time I succeed the "level up", I click the "Share" button, and I'm usually able to see the Duolingo post on my Facebook wall. However, since Duolingo has changed its features & appearance, I become unable to see the Duolingo post again. I've tried to click the "Share" button in another occasion and also turned on the notification settings, but it doesn't really much work as I expected. So, how should I do?

Thank you for your helpings.

March 3, 2014



If you go to your Activity Log on your Facebook profile, can you see the shared events listed there?


Thanks for replying my post. I really apologize for my English, previously.

Yes, I've checked my Activity Log. I used to see my Duolingo learning progression in the previous LVLs on my FB wall. However, since February 2014, the event when I've got LVL 11--both of French and Italian section--hasn't appeared as usual.

On March 4, 2014, I started to learn German in Duolingo. Unexpectedly, this notification appears on my FB wall.

Is this case caused by my internet connection?

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