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Brazilian portuguese out of beta date ?

Is that like in a few weeks or next month?

February 21, 2013



Okay...I think I've reached that level in beta Portuguese where things start getting very frustrating. A lot of the sentences need to be SO specific in English that it sometimes feels like its trying to teach me English instead of Portuguese, since I have to pay so much more attention in making my English translation "duo acceptable", for fear of losing hearts and starting the lessons all over again. I have faith that the staff isn't slacking off and letting the beta linger, but its getting very difficult to stay motivated, so I'm hoping the beta will end sometime soon.


I agree with you. The English translations need to be so specific it's almost ridiculous and there are even some errors in the correct solutions - at this point (4 lessons left) I've spotted at least 3 different basic grammatical errors in the "correct solutions" section. I've reported all the errors to the staff so we'll see what happens.


I think if they hired an actual Portuguese teacher, and not just programmers, it could be fixed and out of Beta in a week. I don't know why they aren't working with language teachers. From what I can tell all the people working at Duolingo are just designers and engineers.


I would also like to know when possible. Sorry if we're annoying you guys at Duolingo with this question. Us Portuguese learners are obsessed! :-D

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