"The bear eats near the wolf."

Translation:Ursul mănâncă lângă lup.

February 3, 2017

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Why is is not lupul?


From the book "Romanian An Essential Grammar": "Nouns in the accusative preceded by a preposition and not followed by any modifiers take no article." That means, for example, you would also say: "lângă oraș" (near the town) instead of "lângă orașul".


I wrote the same :(

I guess in Romanian you don't use the definite article with some prepositions. It seems strange to an English speaker, or speakers of most other European languages for that matter - but they must write: 'the bear is near wolf' rather than 'near the wolf'.


I would have thought that "aproape" was a closer translation of "near".


the wrong exercise, so sad: near - lângă = correct answer in the comment but wrong in the exercise! ❤❤❤?


in the exercise the woman was near her husband, it was "de langa" not just langa. I seem to be struggling with this.

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