Cretan Greek

Hi there! Can anyone tell me how the Cretan dialect differs from standard Greek? Is there a different pronouncation? Do they use different words? Would be very interesting to learn about it! Thanks!

February 3, 2017

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Well, I'd say there are some differences in pronunciation as well as some words. For the pronunciation, I do think that the most distinct difference is of τσ instead of κ (και sounds like τσε). If you already know some basic Greek, you can learn a bit more about it here , or you could check out the English version of the page, although it does contain less info.

As far as the different words are concerned, a few common examples of Cretan words are "ίντα" instead of "τι" (what), "εδά " instead of "τώρα" (now), "επα" or "επαέ" instead of "εδώ" (here), and "θορώ" or "ξανοίγω" instead of "βλέπω" or "κοιτάω" (see). ^.^

February 3, 2017

Thanks :-)

February 3, 2017

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