"Buddhism and us."

Translation:Ο Βουδισμός και εμείς.

February 3, 2017



For multiple choice, I was given κι instead of και. Is that a normal variation?

February 3, 2017


In fact, κι is the correct. Euphonics demand this, instead of και εμείς.

February 25, 2017


Why not "εμάς" (instead of εμείς")?

March 16, 2017


εμάς is an accusative and genitive pronoun, εμείς is the nominative. This sentence is purely talking about the subject -- i.e. Buddhism and us -- and lacks the predicate (verb and object) which the accusative would appear in (i.e. the εμάς variant of which you speak). The sentence contains no genitive clauses (i.e. something "of us") so again εμάς is not correct. The only possible answer (to my mind, though I'm happy to be corrected) is "Ο Βουδισμός και εμείς."

June 17, 2019


Buddhism and us = Ο Βουδισμός και τις ΗΠΑ ή Buddhism and we το "us" αυτό δεν είναι το ονομαστικό or you must accept
... τον Bhuddismus και μας

December 1, 2018


"Us" translates to both "εμείς" and "εμάς".

United States of America=USA/US (capitalized).

December 4, 2018
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