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Duo gone missing?

I haven't seen Duo the owl in ages, is there any possibility of ever seeing him again...

June 20, 2012



Translate some Web sentences and you'll see him from time to time, but that's about it.


I miss Duo too. There was some talk of returning him to the wild, but I wonder if he would be safe from poachers with those bright green feathers. The trade in wild birds is dreadful. No wonder the birds are angry.


It is very typical for a site to change their logos, throughout history, big companies have changed their logos at a moment's notice in their advertising.. What they don't realize is that people do not like when they do that.. Of course, I won't stop using DuoLingo just because the owl is not there, but me and several other people were going to buy Duo the owl plushies XD.


Yeah, they said he would come back, but that was a long time ago........


I miss him too. He can't stay away forever tho. I just hope he's not crying right now.

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