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Hello, my name is Renos. I think that Duolingo is an excellent software and it helps me so much! However I think that some discussions in English are very helpful too! Does anyone of you guys want to chat in English? Thank you!

February 3, 2017

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hey Reno!! MY name is Nora!! I also try to improve my english skills, so i think that is very helpful to discuss with someone in english language. So, first of all, where are you from and why you try to improve your English? IS it necessary about your job or is something which you decide because of personal reasons?

Hello Nora! I am from Cyprus. Actually I live in Nicosia. I am postgraduate student of Linguistics. I would like to go for phd in Linguistics but firstly I have to become better in English. What about you?

My laptop had broken, so I couldn't answer to your message earlier

Hello Renos!! I am from Greece and i have to improve my English cause i really also want to work on phd research !! I have already master in special education but my english skills are feebly. So first of all, i have to study on this.. BY the way, nice to meet you!!

nice to meet you too! Nice, by the way I have a degree in speech and language therapy. Where would you like to go for a phd? I should improve my English too

actually i am thinking about sweden, finland or norway..I dont really Know when and where..I like scadinavian cause of the quality of living.. Very good schools and a really state of providence

so, you think about staying there after you will have completed your studies,don't you? I think that many scandinavians would like to live in Greece! you know, it's the sun, the greek beaches and the sea. On the other hand many in Greece would like to live in a richer country,! At the end of the day no one is happy with what they have. :)

yes !! it is true!! The life in a scandinavian country is difficult because of the bud weather but ,most of all, the biggest problem, is the deeply dark winter.. But i think it is good for me to try, cause i have many problems to face Greece.So, if someone has money in Greece, I will agree with you, It is a wonderful place for living. But, on the other side, if you dont have money, the cost of living is a serious curb to enjoy the sun or beaches ..also, i think that scandinavian lanscapes take your breath away too... And as i am a person who loves mountains and winter sports, i think that, i can to face up a change like that

I wish you to achieve all of your goals! You sound so determined to do what you have in mind!

In which city of Greece do you live? and in which city have you studied?

Hello Antros! How are you? Why do you want to learn English?

Hello Gabrielo, welcome to Duolingo! where are you from?

Renos.. Yes I do... You have a level more than me. Please correct my thread. Ναι, εγώ. Έχεις ένα επίπεδο περισσότερο από εμένα. Σε παρακαλώ διόρθωσε τη δημοσίευση μου

Hello Ioanna! How are you? I am not a perfect speaker of English so I make a lot of mistakes too. I think that the most important thing is to speak (or to write) in English, even if you make some mistakes.

I am fine! Thanks... The practice is important. I make 17 days and now I decide to make repetition. After the repetition I start to learn tenses except Present Simple(who learned almost). Είμαι καλά! Ευχαριστώ. Η πρακτική είναι σημαντική. Έχω κάνει 17 μέρες σερί και τώρα αποφάσισα να κάνω επανάληψη. Μετά την επανάληψη αρχίζω να μαθαίνω χρόνους εκτός τον Απλό Ενεστώτα (που έχω μάθει ήδη)

That's good for you! Why do you want to improve your English? What's your goal?

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