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"The man has a sheep, a goat, and a rabbit."

Translation:Bărbatul are o oaie, o capră și un iepure.

February 3, 2017



I do not recall any lesson to this point where we learned "omul" as another word for "the man"


We didnt. Om = man, omul = the man.


Om, oameni = human,-s, i guess it can be used as "man" as well


Which is more commonly used, bărbat or om?


Bărbat is more common


ridiculous - we have not been taught omul


It helps learning faster. You have to guess, maybe you get it wrong, but the act of getting it wrong helps you learn. Om / omul is not a difficult one to guess (e.g. Latin homo, French homme) and guessing right even though you have never seen it before also helps you learn faster.


Why not UN oaie? I thought O is feminine for all the words ending with A...


O is used for all feminines and words ending ă are mostly feminine.


I had the exact same question.


What is "omul"? I got it, but what is the difference to bărbatul? Are they interchangeable?


" omul= the man" , " om= man" Just like in English "man = male person " and also "man= all people" ( mankind, humankind).in romanian " om" is used to define a male person " bărbat" and also a " human being ". When identifying a gender, " bărbatul" should be used, but in rare ocasions you can use " omul" Ex: in Romanian somebody's husband is also "bărbat", so if a woman wants to say something about a man, other then her husband ( she doesn't want people to misunderstand her), she could say " omul ăsta= " this man". If she wants to talk about her man/ husband she would say " omul meu".


Is Omul a synonym to bărbatul ?


i believe so. my dictionary says: om = man, human

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