"The man has a sheep, a goat, and a rabbit."

Translation:Bărbatul are o oaie, o capră și un iepure.

February 3, 2017

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I do not recall any lesson to this point where we learned "omul" as another word for "the man"


We didnt. Om = man, omul = the man.


Om, oameni = human,-s, i guess it can be used as "man" as well


ridiculous - we have not been taught omul


It helps learning faster. You have to guess, maybe you get it wrong, but the act of getting it wrong helps you learn. Om / omul is not a difficult one to guess (e.g. Latin homo, French homme) and guessing right even though you have never seen it before also helps you learn faster.


Which is more commonly used, bărbat or om?


Bărbat is more common


Why not UN oaie? I thought O is feminine for all the words ending with A...


O is used for all feminines and words ending ă are mostly feminine.

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I had the exact same question.


So "om" is another word for man, which seems to share the same root as "uomo" in Italian or "hombre" in Spanish, right?


For a comma , got me wrong!


Is Omul a synonym to bărbatul ?


i believe so. my dictionary says: om = man, human


What is "omul"? I got it, but what is the difference to bărbatul? Are they interchangeable?

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    " omul= the man" , " om= man" Just like in English "man = male person " and also "man= all people" ( mankind, humankind).in romanian " om" is used to define a male person " bărbat" and also a " human being ". When identifying a gender, " bărbatul" should be used, but in rare ocasions you can use " omul" Ex: in Romanian somebody's husband is also "bărbat", so if a woman wants to say something about a man, other then her husband ( she doesn't want people to misunderstand her), she could say " omul ăsta= " this man". If she wants to talk about her man/ husband she would say " omul meu".

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